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DigiWaiter POS PDA Client  v.3.0

The DigiWaiter POS Suite - PDA Client Module, a Point of Sale / Inventory solution focused on 5 words: Keep IT Cheap and Simple. Take the order on your ordinary PDA (with Wifi), add notes if needed (?steak medium?) and ?send it to the chef with a

SimplePasswords  v.

Tired of forgetting passwords for your favorite sites, mails, FTP accounts? Here is one for you, SimplePasswords. Now you can organize all your passwords into categories, add notes and carry it on your USB stick. SimplePasswords encrypts all data

Printable Calendar  v.2012

Free printable 2012 monthly calendar and 2012 yearly calendar in Microsoft Word(.doc), OpenOffice(.odt) and JPEG formats. You can add notes to individual dates or complete month very easily. There are 2 different calendar templates in the download

ER Manager  v.0.99.alpha.2

This is a tool to track External Relations, appointments, communications etc. with companies/contact persons. For each contact you can add notes, follow-ups, tasks to do and have an overview/history about it. Scripted in PHP+Smarty. Thought for

File Marker (Portable)  v.1.0

File Marker is a cataloging program. You can list contents of folders with multiple filters. For each Each file you can rate it/check if viewed and add notes. You can also modify/add collections according to your

HomeRecipes  v.1.0

Application for sharing and storing recipes. Search for, post, add notes, rate, and print recipes using a Web interface. For use on a desktop or by multiple web

Roac  v.alpha.04

Flexible personal knowledge manager. You can add notes of preset or user-defined types, connect them the way You want, add tags and so

MyMovies  v.1.0

This freeware is designed to manage a personnal collection of movies. You can add, notes, evaluate, tags your movies. Description and cover are retrieving thanks to the Amazon API. (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, prototype.js, scriptaculous.js, CakePHP)

Calander  v.1.0

It is a java project to dislpay 12months in java applet.For each date user can add notes,remainder.Calender pages should be colorfull with background picture.User shoul be able to see all months as he wish,Add notes to any date he needs

FloatNotes for Linux  v.

FloatNotes is a simple Firefox Add-on that allows you to add notes to any website.

FotoTagger  v.2.12

FotoTagger is a tool for image annotation. Add notes pointing to specific objects. Display or save tags in a form of balloons. Upload/download images to/from Flickr. Publish images to blog. Create Web slide shows. Search, hide notes. Organize images.

ArtPlus ePix wallpaper calendar  v.6

ArtPlus ePix wallpaper calendar is FREE software that brings a new image to your desktop once a week. In addition to using your own images as Windows wallpaper, the new ArtPlus ePix wallpaper calendar changer delivers a stunning, high-resolution

XPS Annotator  v.1.22

XPS Annotator is an exclusive standalone XPS Viewer (not hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer), we adding some features including annotations, document properties, digital signatures, XPS converter and sidebar for ease of reading. Main Features: *

Lulu's MUD Cartographer  v.1.0

A text map creator for MUDs. Allows quick mapping using num pad keys for direction. Creates unicode text maps that can be posted, emailed or used to create maps that appear in the mud. Offers user the ability to mark rooms, extend hallways and add

File Marker  v.

File Marker is a cataloging program.

ZaZaAlerter  v.2.5

ZaZaCHAT Live Help - Live Chat for Live Help and Live Support software offered to webmasters. It enables website operators to talk to their web site visitors Live via real time text chat. Top feutures are as follows: 1. Provide Live Help to your site

ZaZaCHAT  v.2.1

ZaZaCHAT Live Help - first FREE web-based Live Chat for Live Help and Live Support software offered to webmasters. It enables website operators to talk to their web site visitors Live via real time text chat. Top feutures are as follows: 1. Provide

Postbox  v.1.0 Beta 9

We mean everything: every bit of text, every contact, address and link. Every picture, document and attachment. Itls all in the catalog and itls all searchable.Just click the Images tab to see a thumbnail gallery of every picture from every message,

Prospector Lite  v.8.0.3300

Put Prospector to work for you.Automate your searching on eBay, Half and RSS feeds - one click to replay all your searches, another click to see the items listed since your last update. With Prospector, you can do this and more.If you're a power

123 Easy Christmas List Creator  v.

123 Easy Christmas List Creator is a simple yet useful software which allows users to make Christmas wish lists on their computer.Major Features: An easy way to make Christmas wish lists100% freeNo adware or spywareYou can put upto 10 items

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